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    In a desolate American landscape of an advanced future, a gifted girl named Phoenix is tormented by her mysterious past. Her memories flood with the biochemical world war that contaminated her town's water supply, killing everyone she loved but granting only her with eternal life. The aftermath left the planet heated and crawling with mutated life forms. Advanced helium powered airships fill the skies as the best means of travel and trade. Shrunken oceans shelter dangerous overgrown serpents while green lands have dried into deserts, infested with sand beasts. Places that were once frigid are tropical paradises that produce the world's most relied on supplies and technology. 

    But for Phoenix, none of it matters. Trapped in the body and mind of a nineteen year old girl throughout time, she wandered the wastelands, watching everyone she ever loved die around her. She searched for a reason to her existence, only to develop a sense of loneliness and a heavy taste for whiskey and tobacco. The curse she carries comes with unbelievable gifts of sight and strength. One of her recent abilities leave her haunted by paranormal entities, which she chooses to ignore, believing that her sanity has gone sour.
   Phoenix is finally challenged when a vision of an ethereal being appears, claiming to be Earth's spirit. She has been awakened from her dormant state due to the planet’s condition with a warning that she is dying. However, Mother Earth has come forth with malicious intent. She plans to manipulate Phoenix to restore the planet to a time before humans existed by using a deadly virus only Phoenix can obtain. With her faith in humanity lost, Phoenix struggles with the decision to assist her or preserve the future of mankind. If she succeeds in helping Earth, the spirit promises to grant her the one thing Phoenix truly desires, death.
   Soon after, hope comes to her in the form of a little boy, Dino, an innocent orphan with psychic abilities and an interest for lost technology. He awakens her heart after she rescues him from a group of enigmatic soldiers. With her new attachment to the boy, she decides to not follow through with Mother Earth’s plan. As she opens up to him, she finds herself being dragged into more emotional situations. One of them being a handsome young rogue named Leo who hopes to unlock her romantic feelings towards him and the other, a female sky pirate who works for the Queen of New Britannia. Together, they force Phoenix to come to grips with her past.
    Meanwhile, Julius and Alexandra, two villainous and seductive siblings who were once exiled from New Britannia for doing illegal scientific experiments, kidnap orphans in the American Wastelands to create a technologically enhanced teenage army. They become fascinated with Phoenix after learning about her immortality and plan to use the army to hunt her with the goal of obtaining the source to her eternal life.
    Refusing to be ignored, Mother Earth unleashes her behemoths upon Phoenix. Now with the siblings at her back, a young boy to protect and the mutated creatures of earth trying to stop her every move, Phoenix is challenged more than ever to make the greatest decision of her existence. Should she save the boy and the people she cares about or join the spirit of Earth to help eradicate all humanity with the wishful exchange for her own death?